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Should I plan a New Year’s Wedding?

If you’re celebrating the New Year with a shiny new ring on your finger — Congratulations! It’s the end of the year, and what better way to celebrate than with your closest friends and family at your own wedding? Hosting your wedding on New Year’s Eve has so many benefits! Not to mention, weddings and New Year’s Eve have so much in common. Continue reading below to see why you should think about hosting your special day on the holiday!

Champagne Toast

Champagne, weddings, and New Year’s go together hand and hand! You can’t have one without the other. You’re wedding on New Year’s works perfectly because not only will your guests be toasting to your future and your marriage, but they will be toasting to the incoming new year!

New Year Resolution Guest Book

Hosting your wedding on this big day allows you to get creative with your wedding elements. Make your guest book unique by having your guests write a New Year’s Resolution that they have for you. This way they are sharing in helping you create goals as a couple for the new year and maybe sharing some words of inspiration from their personal resolutions. 

Glitz & Glam 

New Year’s Eve is one of the few nights a year where people dress up and are ready to dance the night away. For this reason, the glitz and glamor of the holiday pairs perfectly with a wedding! Since your guests are already dressing up for the new year, why not host your wedding on the same night? The two events work beautifully together!

A Sparkling Night

Sparklers are amazing at both weddings and conveniently, New Years! You could make sparklers a fun activity during the reception by renting cold sparklers. If you have never heard of them, cold sparklers are large sparks that shoot up from a black box. These can be used as you are walking into the room for the first time or applied as a backdrop for your first dance! Cold sparklers are preferred for indoor venues because they are a lot safer than traditional sparklers.

To add a subtle spark to your event, add a sparkler exit! It’s best to purchase longer sparklers if you would like to do this, so your photographer has more time to capture the moment. This way you truly ignite a spark on your wedding day and incorporate the typical New Year’s celebrations. 

A Perfect Date 

New Year’s Eve is a holiday that typically everyone has off from work. This way more of your guests can RSVP yes to your invitation because they will already be available. As a result, this makes it so more of your guests can attend your big day. Your guests will also love being able to attend your wedding rather than stressing trying to plan a get together at their house. They will have the pleasure of arriving at the Country Club to relax, enjoy amazing food and drinks.

New Year Party Favors

Your wedding being on New Year’s Eve also saves you the struggle from picking out party favors for the reception. You can easily have the typical New Year’s accessories such as hats, glasses, and noise makers for guests to ring in the new year alongside you. You could even potentially customize them by adding a monogram or choosing accessories that fit your color scheme that you planned! 

New Year’s Eve is a perfect date to have your wedding! It allows you to celebrate with your entire family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while on one night. Start planning your New Year’s Eve wedding today! Email the club at for more information about our wedding venue. We cannot wait to be a part of your special day.